The farm house “Azienda Agricola La Porta” is located in the vast hilly countryside of the historic city of Piazza Armerina, famous for the mosaics of ancient Villa Romana del Casale and the Acropoli di Morgantina. In this area, which for centuries has been the exclusive source of corn and oil supplies for the Roman Empire, the devotion and love for age-old olive oil tree growing is handed on from father to son.

From this historical passion derives the project to establish an agricultural company that, thanks to the implantation  of new olive oil trees, can offer unique and exquisite products produced according to ancient traditions, in conjunction with state-of -the-art growing technology. The olive harvesting by hand,  the immediate processing (within the first 24 hours of harvesting), the cold-squeezing and the natural oil-decantation in stainless-steel silos for at least three months are just some of the steps taken in order to guarantee the production of oils of unique texture which can be accompanied to any dish and capable of exalting any fragrance and taste, maintaining its original flavour.


The cultivars used are: Nocellara Etnea, Brandofino, Moresca, Gioconda, carolea, Tonda Iblea, giving a fruit tasting oil with an harmonic full backflavour.


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